Modern home furnishings tailor-made
in Trentino-Südtirol

We tell a story through the hands of an artisan.
We explore the infinite possibilities of wood by thinking with our hearts.

We pour all our passion into our creations so that you can’t wait to go home
to your loved ones and breathe the scent of natural wood


…not just furnishings, but a new way of dreaming!


The ZADRAinterni team is composed of highly specialized designers, interior architects, decorators, and collaborators. We are committed to fulfilling your every need and making your every wish come true.

We love to collaborate with the customer to create modern home furnishings to their exact specifications. We draw on our experience to choose each material, furniture item and finish with care, ensuring each space is comfortable, unique, functional, and distinctive.

We design our high-quality furnishings as thoroughly and meticulously as we do every other detail. ZADRAinterni is fully at your disposal to help you choose the living-room flooring, the wall color, and the bathroom fixtures, to dynamically design the kitchen spaces, or even to suggest the right window fixtures, a lamp, or a rug.


Let your wishes shape your concept of home.

Private homes

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Comfortable work environments designed according to your needs.


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Congresso Architetti 2020

Congresso Architetti 2020

25-26 settembre 2020

Caccia al Futuro

Caccia al Futuro

6 – 13 e 20 dicembre 2019
Le Albere, Trento

Waldorf Festival

Waldorf Festival

12 ottobre 2019
Bolzano, Via Claudia De Medici, 8