Our history

Having worked in various companies specializing in carpentry and interior design, I founded Falegnameria Zadra in 1993, alongside our Administrative Director, Monica. The following year, the company became Rustiklegno di Zadra Massimo.

In the following years, my sons Davide and Pietro Zadra joined me. Today, Rustiklegno comprises 22 highly specialized employees, as well as apprentices and trainees. These professional figures are selected through a fruitful collaboration with technical institutes and organizations.
We also constantly collaborate with local companies and businesses. Our experience and support are a point of reference for many professional firms and end users, who can contact us directly.

Following a gradual uptake in orders, our Tres headquarters was expanded and moved to a brand-new facility in the industrial area of Mollaro (Predaia). We also opened a showroom in the prestigious Le Albere district in Trento, in a position boasting large exhibition and productive spaces. Our journey has allowed us to hone our design skills to create quality modern furnishings, work environments, and exhibition and reception spaces. To respond to current market demands, we further specialized in home furnishings and interior design by creating the new ZADRAinterni brand in 2017.

“Quality, innovation, environmental awareness, and an active presence at a community level”: these are the core values of our family business, and they allow us to meet the needs of all our customers with unfailing enthusiasm.

The owner
Massimo Zadra

Rustiklegno Zadra Interni 25° 88



1 January 2021
  • In spring 2021 the showroom will be moved to the city center in the Piazza Fiera area
    in via San Giovanni Bosco, 7.


1 January 2018
  • At the beginning of the year, the expansion works of the Mollaro headquarters begins
    provide for the inclusion of new equipment and software. This allows
    refinement of product quality and productivity.
  • In October, the company’s 25th anniversary is celebrated and
    the expansion of the production sector and the related exhibition area is inaugurated.


1 January 2017
  • The new one opens in April as a further exhibition extension
    showroom in the Le Albere district in Trento;
  • In December the ZADRAinterni brand is presented in the new showroom,
    evolution of Rustiklegno fruit of more than ten years of experience in
    creation of high-level furniture and artistic design


1 January 2015
  • A further modernization of the production structure sees the inclusion of
    technologically advanced equipment, the expansion of the exhibition area,
    the organization of training and advanced training courses for staff.


1 January 2014
  • Rustiklegno obtained the important recognition of a leading company in the sector, exhibiting at the “Innovare in Trentino” gallery on the occasion of the “Wood. Legno, Edilizia e Tecnologia” exhibition, at the MUSE in Trento.


1 January 2008
  • The desire to experiment with stimulating contexts leads Massimo to explore the world of designer design and functional art, undertaking a
    path of research and alternative design solutions, far from standard paradigms;
  • This path continues giving rise to a series of collaborations that it brings the conception and implementation of projects (concept) every three years.


1 January 2006
  • The sons Davide and Pietro join the company as project managers;
  • Massimo obtains the qualification of “Maestro Artigiano Arredatore” (Master Craftsman Decorator);
  • Massimo follows the training course “Exclusive furniture – strategies
  • The new production site in Mollaro (TN) is inaugurated, whose points of
    strength are large spaces, new technologies and high-profile teams


4 April 1999
  • Investments and development lead Rustiklegno to grow constantly. Following that it starts hiring staff.


20 June 1994
  • The company changes its name to Rustiklegno di Zadra Massimo.


8 October 1993
  • Massimo Zadra’s “Falegnameria Zadra” is founded

Our values

  • The SGSL worker safety management system: allows us to adopt measures for the benefit of health and safety in the workplace, in accordance with the INAIL guidelines SGSL-MPI guideline;
  • We use wood and components of excellent quality, guaranteed by PEFC certification, for a complete control of the materials.
  • To view the Occupational Health and Safety Policy click qui.
  • Our corporate mission is based on a path of continuous development, constant search for new equipment, new materials and new applications; all of this is possibile thanks to the collaboration with highly qualified personnel in this sector.
  • Our facilities are designed to perform at their best in an energy efficiency and consumption reduction regime;
  • In 2017 photovoltaic panels were installed for the company’s energy self-supply;
  • There is a self-managed heating system, which works through the combustion of virgin processing waste;
  • Green mobility: we are equipped with a bike park consisting of 8 E-bikes made available to employees and customers and an electric car with a column for charging electric vehicles, also found in the European geo-localization maps.
Social work:
  • Being actively present in society and making our contribution are objectives and activities that are part of our company policy; we support local realities and collaborate dynamically with numerous companies.

Associations and non-profit organizations that we support

Gruppo Giovani Tres
Tutti Insieme Rovereto S. Antonio onlus
Gruppo Giovani Vervò